About Community of Evaluators - Nepal (CoE-Nepal)

The founding of Community of Evaluators - Nepal (CoE-Nepal), was inspired by the feedbacks received during the symposium on “The Status of Evaluation in Nepal”, held on 11th August 2010 in Kathmandu and International Evaluation Conclave in New Delhi on October 2010. CoE-Nepal is a non-profit, non-governmental, and non-partisan organization. The team comprises a pool of evaluators, development practitioners, and academicians with national and international work experience of over a decade.

Vision: Effective development policy, program and partnership.

Mission: Establish a culture of evaluation at national and international level through development and dissemination of knowledge in evaluation, capacity building of evaluation stakeholders, and promotion of evaluation theory and practice.

Goal: Advance the theory, practice and use of evaluation in development processes.

1. To develop and disseminate knowledge products on evaluation,
2. To enhance capacity of development actors on quality evaluation,
3. To strengthen the dialogue mechanism for promoting the use of evaluation.

Thematic Areas:

1. Knowledge developments
1.1 Situation analysis of evaluation practices and uses in Nepal,
1.2 Review and synthesis of new knowledge, innovation and trends in evaluation criteria, research methodology, and evaluability assessment,
1.3 Meta evaluations,
1.4 Innovative and emerging evaluation research such as appreciative inquiry, contribution analysis, socio-economic impact,
1.5 Studies on the use of evaluation by stakeholders,
1.6 Studies on the new dimensions in evaluation of specific programmes such as climate change, disaster risk management, security system reforms, peace and development; etc.,
1.7 Occasional papers on evaluation practices.

2. Capacity Buildings
2.1 Basic and advance training on evaluation theory, tools and techniques,
2.2 Seminar/workshop/conference/conclave on evaluation theory, practices, model, methods and emerging approaches,
2.3 Professional development trainings of evaluators on evaluation standards, ethics, norms and code of conduct.

3. Promotion of evaluation theory and practices
3.1 Networking with organizations working on the promotion of evaluation,
3.2 Advocacy for mainstreaming evaluation in the development cycle,
3.3 Policy dialogue for the effective use of evaluation,
3.4 Establishment of ethics, standards, norms and code of conducts in evaluation,
3.5 Collaborative research and outreach national and with international evaluation organization,
3.6 Profiling of evaluators.

Thakur Prasad Bhatta, MA - Chairperson

Thakur Prasad Bhatta is an independent Evaluation Expert working for more than 15 years in the field of evaluation of development programs and projects in Nepal. He has carried out evaluation of development program and projects mainly focused on livelihood, gender and social inclusion,community development, community infrastructure, and water & sanitation.

Mr. Bhatta has worked for government and non-government organizations as well as funding agencies. He does have experiences both in qualitative and quantitative methods of evaluation. In addition to the professional evaluation works, he is also working as a volunteer in managing and leading voluntary evaluation organization Community of Evaluators of Nepal (CoE-Nepal) since its establishment in 2011. He was one of the founder members and served as Secretary for six years and is serving as General Secretary since September 2017.

Mr. Bhatta has acquired two academic Master Degrees in Economics and Sociology. He has been working as Visiting Faculty at Kathmandy University, School of Education for last three years where he teaches Project Management for Development Results for the Master in Sustainable Development.

Prabin Chitrakar, MA - General Secretary

Prabin Chitrakar has more than seventeen years of experience in the social and development sector with experiences in Mine Action, DRR, Education, Researches, Studies, and Monitoring & Evaluation. He has been involved in Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) for his organization and has conducted different studies and managed events related to M&E.

Mr. Chitrakar conducts trainings, workshops on M&E and also manages and conducts evaluations. He is working to transfer his knowledge in building M&E, outcome and development management capacity and has a keen interest in continuous learning and getting involved in the respective fields.

He also had international experiences as a member of International Development Evaluation Association (IDEAS), American Evaluation Association (AEA), European Evaluation Society (EES), and is a board member of International Organization for Collaborative Outcome Management (IOCOM).

Mr. Chitrakar holds Master’s Degree in Sociology. He has received Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) trainings including the International Program for Development Evaluation Training (IPDET) of the World Bank and Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.

Geeta Bhatrai Bastakoti, PhD - Secretary

Sushila Chatterjee Nepali, PhD - Treasurer

Sushila Chatterjee Nepali a resident of Kathmandu, Nepal, a professional in community based natural resource management and conservation. She is a graduate of University of Life Sciences, Norway and PhD in Forestry from Institute of Forestry, Pokhara, Nepal. She has worked in the field worked in the field of conservation for than 20 years and advocated for Gender Equality and Social Inclusion. Currently a freelance consultant and visiting faculty for Kathmandu Forestry College, Department of Conflict Peace and Development Studies and Future Generation, is also an academic council member for Agriculture and Forestry University Rampur, Nepal. She has been professionally involved in designing landscape level conservation plans for Nepal, conducting national level NGO evaluation, reviewing GESI policy for Ministry of Local Development and got involved as a team member as Gender and Livelihoods experts in developing National Biodiversity Action Plan 2014 and National Strategic Framework for Nature Conservation with several research work. She has worked as coordinator and principle investigator for various research projects that has been carried out in Nepal as well. Her work in the international field has been acknowledge by WWF International and was awarded 2002 Women in Conservation Award. Currently she is a general member of COE South Asia and Vice President for COE Nepal.

Gana Pati Ojha, PhD - Executive Board Member

Gana Pati Ojha has above 30 years of experience in development. For the last 20 years he has been actively involved in research and evaluation with state and non-state actors in different countries in Asia both as a team leader/sole evaluator and team member. He is a founder Vice-Chairperson and currently the Chairperson of CoE-Nepal. He has studied evaluation in his Masters and PhD programmes and has used different approaches of evaluation in his work including contribution analysis, appreciative inquiry, and value for money in addition to other common approaches to evaluation. He has conducted over 40 evaluations or evaluation related works in more than a dozen of the countries. He is actively involved in promoting evaluation in Nepal and South Asian countries through facilitation, conducting research on evaluation, networking, supporting for developing evaluation policy framework, capacity building and working for creating enabling environment for evaluation use. He is interested in building evaluation knowledge and facilitating for creating enabling environment of evaluation.

Ram Chandra Khanal, PhD - Executive Board Member

Ram Chandra Khanal is an independent evaluator and has extensive knowledge, skills and experience in monitoring and evaluation, result based management, climate change adaptation, agriculture, natural resources management and livelihoods for last 15 years.

He has worked in south and central Asia with a wide range of organizations including UNEP, IUCN, UNDP, ADB and ICIMOD in managing and conducting evaluations, providing project management support and capacity building of stakeholders. He has wide knowledge of, and experience in applying, qualitative and quantitative evaluation methods, designing and leading evaluations, data analysis and addressing cross cutting issues such as gender and equity. He has solid experience of project planning, developing baseline and M&E frameworks and managing projects related to natural resources management.

He has great interest in action research. He has demonstrated experience of carrying out both quantitative and qualitative research and has published many research articles. He has attended many evaluation related courses including from University of East Anglia, UK and EASY ECO Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU), Austria. He has also worked with government line ministries for developing programmes/ projects (such as Strategic Programme on Climate Resilience) and extended his services in developing government policies and strategies.

Before working as an independent consultant in 2010, he served about 10 years for IUCN and HARP/DFID Nepal as a monitoring and evaluation expert and he was responsible for managing the M&E portfolio including developing M&E framework, plan and managing project evaluation. He is currently involved in many initiatives to promote quality evaluation and have been in many national and international networks including Community of Eevaluators in South Asia and Community of Evaluators – Nepal.

Mahendra Laxmi Sharma, MA - Executive Board Member

Currently, I am working as a Freelancer Consultant to carry out Research/Studies, Review of Programmes, Policies, GESI Assessment of various programmes (irrigation, agriculture, enterprise development and livelihood), Cumulative Impact Assessment (CIA) in River Basins, Environment and Social Assessment (ESA) of (High-tension) Transmission Line and Evaluation of Development Programmes with GESI perspective. I have experience working with various Development Organizations and UN Agency as a full time staff for implementation and management of the projects/programmes before.
My area of work with various organizations was concentrated to reducing poverty by ensuring the participation of women and disadvantaged groups by supporting their socio-economic empowerment through sustainable agriculture, food security, community health and livelihood opportunities. Moreover, I have been working towards strengthening the institutional good governance of partner NGOs/CBOs by incorporating the good governance principles and values in the organizational activities and policies with GESI perspective.
I enjoy working with vulnerable women, children, and people from disadvantaged groups. Empowering communities (women and girls) and supporting them to articulate their demands and rights is my priority work. Working with GTZ, HURDEC, CNGO, CECI, Oxfam GB, ESP/DFID, CARE Nepal, UN Women, Government Projects supported by ADB and World Bank and with CSOs over these years have provided me skills and knowledge for gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) mainstreaming in the programmes and carryout the impact evaluation. I have experience to mainstreaming GESI in sect-oral programmes (Health, education, agriculture, energy and other livelihood) and as well as in organizational structure. I like team work and trust in team spirit for the success of the programmes/projects.

Bal Devi Pokharel, MA - Executive Board Member

SN. Name Sex Membership Year Life Member Membership in 2013 Membership in 2011 Permanent Address/Home Address Phone Number(Home) Phone Number(Mbl) Email Address Skype
1. Ram Chandra Khanal Male 2011 Yes Vice-Chairperson General Secretary Chitraban Municipality, Chitwan 977-1-5544180 977-9841369922 khanalrc@gmail.com ramchandrakhanal
2. Suhila Chatterjee Nepali Female
3. Thakur Prasad Bhatta Male Yes Secretary Secretary 977-1-4282592 bhatta.thakurprasad@gmail.com
4. Prabin Chitrakar Male 2011 Yes Executive Board Member Treasurer Bhagwanpau, Swoyambhu-15, Kathmandu, Nepal 977-1-4279873 977-9841367743 prabinc@gmail.com c.prabin
5. Hari Dhungana Male 2013 Treasurer Bhaktapur 977-1-4469801 977-9851100669 hari@sias-southasia.org h.dhungana
6. Gana Pati Ojha Male 2011 Yes Chairperson Vice-Chairperson 15/17 Tashindol Marga, Kalanki, Kathmandu-14, Nepal 977-1-4289827 977-903226940 gpojha@gmail.com gpojha
7. Krishna Belbase Male
8. Kanchan Lama Female 2012 Yes Executive Board Member Executive Board Member Sunrise home, Balkumari, Lalitpur-9, Nepal 977-1-5006064 977-9851061384 kanchan.lama01@gmail.com k_lama
9. Bina Adhikari Female General Member Neelakantha-5, Dhading Bensi, Dhading, Nepal 977-9841066805 adhikaribinaa@gmail.com binu.adhikary
10. Kamlseh Kumar Yadav Male 2013 General Member Barahi-Birpur-5, Birpur, Saptari 977-9851162232 yadav.forester@gmail.com;
11. Dilli Raj Joshi Male 2013 General Member 54 Achal Marg, KMC- 16, Kathmandu 977-1-4366084 977-9851046803 dillijoshi@gmail.com dilli_joshi
12. Ram Chandra Lamichhane Male 2013 General Member Gadi- VDC- 8, Parsa 977-9851093538 977-9851093538 rc.erips@ntc.net.np airc_nepal
13. Narayan Bhatta Male 2013 General Member Kathmandu-14, Kalanki 977-1-4278430 977-9841582812 narayanbhatta@yahoo.com;
14. Tripti Rai Female 2013 Executive Board Member 977-9851221066 tripti.rai@actionaid.org
15. Krishna Babu Joshi Male 2014 General Member 977-9851082595 krishnababuji@gmail.com
16. Dr. Rohit Kumar Nepali Male 2013 General Member 152, Sunrise Homes, Balkumari, Lalitpur 977-1-5006046 977-9851024663 sapied@sapi.org.np;
17. Dr. Jagadish Chandra Pokharel Male jagadish@pokharel.net
18. Basundara Bhattarai Female Yes
19. Swastika Shrestha Female Yes
20. Yamun Yadav Male Yes
21. Kedar Nath Bhatta Male 2015 General Member Kirtipur Ward 1, Tanglafant 977-1-4283768 977-9841807573 kedarnbhatta@hotmail.com kedar.bhatta1